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Meet the Photographers

Photographers Extraordinaire - Internationally Published in the UK in Vogue, Elle, and Harpers Bazaar print magazine publications!  Nationally Published in Concrete Decor and Surreal Beauty print magazine publications!

Christina Cabrera was born and raised in Southern California where she has lived her whole life.  Traveler, nature, and fashion explorer at heart, she continues to combine these elements into a unique luxury brand fine art portraiture  photography experience that her clients will never forget and rave often about!  Her vision and creative process in getting to the end result is something to be seen and experience!  You will never think of luxury brand fine art portraiture photography the same again!

Clayton Cabrera also born and raised in Southern California where he has lived his whole life as well.  A creative soul working with Christina Cabrera as her Art Director and 2nd Photographer, Clay provides an edge to Christina's unique vision and concept creation.  Clay is always ready to jump right in with new and fresh ideas during your image creation photo session along with all the classic looks!  He always surprises, delights, and entertains with his creative take on what it means to be a photographer!

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What Clients Are Saying

“You made me feel like a million dollars in front of the camera.  YOU ARE AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!  PEACE AND BLESSINGS.”

Dr. Daphne M. Burleson

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